john“Everyone of us have own destination, we must find a way to discover something in life. Most importantly seek Him first and be thankful for what he gave to us”

Every thought of a human being is transformed as picture in everyone’s mind. If my thought is about success, the picture transformed into my mind. If my thought is failure, then the picture transformed into my mind will be as if I’m getting failure.

I will never think or doubt, when I begin my journey with something that it will end in failure. If I think that this doubt transformed as a “Failure” my sub- conscious mind will direct my action and end’s up naturally. The things changed automatically in my mind of direct result to be successful, I called it the secret of nature. Because I can yield on what my plant. Planting of success not a failure.

A one single thought lead me to many thoughts. If I wanted to be a rich I should constantly think of having huge money. Such a positive single thought is having a power to create so many different signs and wonders to my life. What I really want out of life is to, discover something new, something mankind didn’t know what possible to do. Destiny is everywhere, but in my journey I choose a happiness in life, creating something or want to build a legacy for something missing in my life, Maybe I want to make a bigger difference in the world through life, feelings and desperate for deeper connection, but I’m not sure how to get.

Everything involves a sacrifices, Everything includes some sort of cost. This two brilliant information is an ability to stick with something we care about. Someday I want to be a professional, willing to work hundreds of time to achieve my goals and willing to fight against trials.I have no reason to stop, because one’s I stop all of my efforts will be wasted.


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